We work with a variety of fibrous paperboard, much of it recycled. Each kind of paperboard brings specific properties to our customers’ final product.

Laminated Chipboard
Recycled paperboard, either water resistant or plain chip, used for packaging inserts, notebook backing, product stiffening and decorative furniture panels. Laminated up to 5 plies

Kraft Liner Sheets
Heavyweight paper and paperboard made from a chemical pulping process that’s stronger than paperboard made from other pulping processes.  Kraft paper has a high elasticity and high tear resistance.

Solid Kraft Sheets
Kraft paper board with a clay-coated extra-strength backing for packaging requiring the strength of Kraft and printing on one side. Solid bleached sulfate kraft sheets are used for high-end printable packaging on a white surface.

Water Resistant Board
Paperboard specially coated to retard or prevent water from soaking into the board.

Thermoplastic Composite Sheets
Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic sheets that when heated can be molded into required shapes.