Where can I see your product in use?

Most times you can't see what we make, even though you look right at it every day. When you drive to the store and pull down the sun visor, there's a good chance you're using one of our paperboard products. The auto companies make the sun visor, but they need a stiff yet lightweight core made of die-cut paperboard to give the visor internal support.

If you have a book shelf you had to assemble, the back that holds the shelves square could be made of laminated paperboard. We make those, too. Much of what we make is vital but inconspicuous or hidden within a final product.

Of course, if you've ever served in the military, you probably had a good look at one of our products -- and shot it full of holes. We make targets for the military of highly water resistant poly-coated die-cut board that can withstand staying out in the field in all kinds of weather.