Our History

A forklift loads a roll of paper at the original Three Rivers location, circa 1950.
A forklift loads a roll of paper at the original Three Rivers location, circa 1950.

David H. Greene and his two sons-in-law, David T. Stuck and Blaine A. Rabbers, founded Fibre Converters in 1949 in Three Rivers, Michigan.

Prior to starting Fibre Converters, Greene had a distinguished career in the paper industry in Wisconsin, Illinois, Louisiana and Michigan. Original products included laminated Kraft board for grease proof folding cartons and interior poster board.

In 1953, the company developed a non-staining and flame resistant alternative to paperboard saturated with asphalt for automotive interior trim components including door panels, package trays, and sun visors. With the development of polyethylene, it became possible to offer a “clean” and cost-effective moisture barrier poly-coated board concealed just below the surface. The subsequent line of Valdor barrier and coated products developed by the company soon became the standard within the industry for interior trim applications and a springboard into new markets using poly-coated board.  

In 1993, having outgrown the original site and numerous expansion projects, the company moved to new facilities in Constantine where a new state-of-the-art solid fiber laminator was installed. Since the move, the company has made ongoing improvements to the laminating line including two-color flexographic printing and added off-line die cutting capacity. In 1999 a new division was formed which extrudes a compression moldable composite product made from recycled thermo-plastic resin and wood flour. In 2008, an extrusion coating and laminating line was installed increasing vertical integration and providing additional direct sales. Today, product is shipped throughout the United States and exported internationally for a wide variety of applications.

Senior Management

David Posey, President and CEO

Mark Schuppel, Director of Operations

Nate Wolverton, Director of Quality

Kirk Klein, Controller

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Fibre Converters is a premier laminator and converter of specialty paperboard products and extruder of plastic composite products with the versatility and flexibility to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

Our relentless focus on continuous improvement throughout the organization will allow us to maintain our leadership position in the marketplace and provide a reasonable return on investment for our stakeholders.


People: Our people – through teamwork, individual effort, the sharing of ideas, and a positive “can do” attitude – make it possible to accomplish our Mission. We must treat each other with trust, respect, and positive encouragement.

Customers: Our customers, external and internal, deserve prompt service and quality products. Each of us has the responsibility to remember the customer always comes first. Only then do we have a right to ask for their repeat business.

Products: Better products are the end result of listening to what the customer needs, innovation, a commitment to continuous improvement, and the utilization of emerging technology.

Community: For the sake of our families and future generations, we have an obligation to promote the growth of our community through our involvement and support.

Profit: Profit is essential for our long term growth and success. Therefore, to insure that our people, customers, products, and community values are fulfilled, we must be committed to making a reasonable return on our investment.

Our Values

To achieve our Company’s Mission Statement and Philosophy, we at Fibre Converters are committed to the following Core Values:

Quality: We will build excellence into every aspect of the company. We must take delight in providing a product that works and satisfies the customer. Our processes will be refined to eliminate scrap, rework, and lost time. Variation will be studied, understood, and reduced beyond specification; then it will be reduced some more. In summary, “Delight our customers by doing it right the first time.”

Leadership: We intend to be more than just “doers” – we will be “planners” and “teachers”, proactive versus reactive, market makers versus order takers. We will focus on possibilities and opportunities with a “can do” attitude and not on barriers and obstacles.

Continuous Improvement: We will look for opportunities to improve or refine all processes by first documenting procedures and then monitoring for sources of variation. We will proactively work to prevent problems before they occur, as opposed to correcting after they have happened.

Employee Involvement: We will empower employees to take responsibility for their own areas by providing them with the necessary tools through a comprehensive orientation and ongoing training in the use of systematic quality methods, job related skills, teamwork, and decision making.

Exceeding Customer Requirements: We will determine what the customer really wants, then measure the customer’s satisfaction in all areas: Quality, Service, On-time Delivery, Price, and Documentation.

Shared Enterprise: We recognize that our success is directly linked to that of our customers and suppliers. We will develop long term relationships with our valued partners, built on loyalty, trust, and the sharing of information.

Community Service: We will promote the growth and well-being of our community through our involvement and financial support of local service clubs, humanitarian service providers, youth programs, governmental agencies, schools, and Christian organizations.

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